Discover Anuseva

We aim to help the elderly lead a healthy and happy life.

We provide a wide variety of medical services for elderly to address a need that is growing among senior citizens whose children are away.

Important features of the Anuseva service

Medical History & Assessment

Medical History of the client, their illnesses, hospitalizations and surgical procedures (if any), past lab reports are recorded. A Master Health Check up is done to assess the current state. The current and future treatment plans are facilitated in consultation with their regular consultants.

Monthly House Calls on prior appointment

Monthly House Calls forms an integral part of our care regime. Regular medical checkups are done by Doctors/Nurses/Counsellors & other care-givers, in the comfort of the homes of the patients. In addition to this, our social workers make regular visits to check on the well being of the elders.

Online Reports

All the medical observations during the monthly routine checkup and lab results are recorded, entered and saved online and are readily accessible 24 x 7.The files are protected with unique usernames and passwords. They can be accessed or downloaded only by the patients, their children and the medical fraternity(if there is a need ).This facility gives the children instant and continuous access to their parents’ health. It also helps them take quick decisions if there is a need.

Also concerned queries on those reports will be addressed.

Emergency Care

Anuseva undertakes calls on emergency. Basically, after enrolment, in a given year, between the 12 visits to the particular patient, 2 emergency calls are covered in the package. Anuseva will also undertake more emergency calls if need be for an additional cost.

During emergency, Anuseva team will check/evaluate the need for change in treatment plan in consultation with their regular consultants. If need be, Anuseva will also facilitate for hospitalization of the client with the help of the local referral of the client.

In all such cases intimation and approvals would be necessary from the children except in case of where it requires immediate hospitalization and treatment.

When there is a need for hospitalization Anuseva will ensure that the clients get appropriate cost effective treatment and as a part of the facilitation Anuseva will interact with the consultants/ hospitals to ensure and understand and thereby to provide appropriate information on the treatment plan and health status of the clients to the children.

Anuseva will not be involved in physically taking the patient around for consultations. However, Anuseva will aid in transporting the clients during emergency calls covered under the package. In Anuseva scope facilitation generally means enabling the patient or their children to take appropriate decisions for treatment.